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Mission Statement

The mission of St. Bruno Catholic School is to partner with Christ in sharing the message of the gospel in a nurturing, motivating, and challenging Catholic academic environment. 


We, the community of St. Bruno Catholic School, believes that we share in the gospel mission to proclaim the goodness of God, and in partnership with families to assist in the total development of the children we teach so that they may grow in knowledge, wisdom, and grace in the sight of God and the community.

In partnership with families…

The faculty community respects the rights of parents as primary educators and strives toward becoming true partners in the education and development of the whole child. In alliance with families, we commit ourselves to continued renewal through study and learning in all areas of our lives. Working and praying with families, we form a larger community of faith, the St. Bruno Catholic School family, and as members of this faith community, it is our responsibility to create a Christian atmosphere of faith which will foster a spirit of love, support, and openness.

To assist in the total development of the children we teach…

It is our firm belief that we provide an educational environment which strengthens the spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and psychological abilities of each child. Therefore, we, the faculty community, in partnership with families, strive towards awakening these abilities in our children. It is our goal to produce well-rounded, educated, responsible members of the Catholic community through the provision of an outstanding integral education, allowing our faith to permeate every aspect of the school environment, reaching beyond academics and religious instruction and extending to the atmosphere in the offices and classrooms, on the playground, and at school events.

So that they may grow in Knowledge, wisdom, and grace…

The philosophy of St. Bruno Catholic School is directed towards the holistic growth and maturation of children, assisting them to grow in knowledge through the pursuit of academic excellence; helping them mature in wisdom, making decisions based on Gospel values, cultivating positive attitudes towards self and others, and fostering a growth in grace through sound Catholic formation.

In the sight of God and the community…

We teach our students what it means to live lives of service for others, and we model our own commitment to Catholic values through our active involvement in service to our parish, our community, and our world. We are committed to providing our students with the best possible academic instruction and religious values, preparing them to become confident, competent, and Catholic citizens in the world of work, and preparing them for full membership in the Church and active citizenship in their community and nation. We challenge St. Bruno students to go out and make a difference in the world, to take the gifts that they have received and share them with others and, following the example of Jesus Christ, build the Kingdom of God.

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